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First-of-its-kind complete cloud to device self-quarantine management system


iMSafe helps Govt bodies, Healthcare authorities, and all other concerned departments in managing self-quarantine to effectively stop the epidemic spread. The complete cloud-to-device solution with real-time location tracking gives instant alerts and notifications to admins and users.

The solution employs a tamperproof tag paired to user's mobile app that regularly sends location data to the cloud. The intelligent cloud provide analytical dashboards and rule engine for quarantine management.

Monitor Self-quarantine
in Real-time​
Get Wearer's Time-based
Instant Notifications To
Mobile And Web App

We also provide additional solutions to control epidemic outbreak

How iMSafe

Manages a Quarantine?

Tag Characteristics

WTAB- Adult Band

The tags deliver uninterrupted functioning and usage throughout a quarantine period

Low battery alert

User Interface

iMSafe has a single mobile application for admins and subjects

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Web Interface

Our comprehensive web dashboards enable alerts management, location and time-based analysis, and advanced filtering. The solution also support 3rd party APIs for seamless integration of other monitoring apllications and agencies

How iMSafe Manages a

How it works?

About Us

TraceSafe is intelligent technology towards controlling pandemic spreads. iMSafe, TraceSafe's flagship solution for self-quarantine management, incorporates real-time tracking, geolocation abilities, intuitive mobile/web Apps, and cloud capabilities.

TraceSafe is an initiative of WiSilica Inc, a smart IoT platform and solutions provider.


Blockchain Holdings to Acquire COVID-19 Quarantine Management Product TraceSafe

PUBLISHED FRI, March 21 2020

Blockchain Holdings Ltd. ("Blockchain") (BCX.CN), a public company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol "BCX", today announced that effective March 13, 2020, it entered into a binding letter of intent (the "Transaction") to acquire 100% of the rights and interests in a self-quarantine monitoring technology suite known collectively as "IMSafe" from WiSilica, Inc. ("WiSilica").

Hong Kong is putting electronic wristbands on arriving passengers to enforce coronavirus quarantine


Hong Kong is using electronic wristbands as part of its effort to enforce quarantines and reduce the spread of the new coronavirus.
The measure comes as the government announced that starting at midnight on March 19, it is putting all arriving passengers under a two-week quarantine and medical surveillance. The city’s leader Carrie Lam said that of 57 new cases Hong Kong recorded in the past two weeks, 50 were travelers from overseas.

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